Friday, October 18, 2013

Clodion (Claude Michel) (French, 1738–1814)

Nymph and Satyr Carousing, 18th century (ca. 1780–90)
Clodion (Claude Michel) (French, 1738–1814)
French (Paris)
                                                                                       H. 23 1/4 in. (59.1 cm)

Before a bronze, plaster or marble statue can be produced, a clay original must be created. Many alterations in form take place during the production of these copies.
  The resulting statue is at best a two, three or fourth generation away from the original as it passes though the production processes.
Historically, craftsmen/artisans were responsible for the mold making, enlargements, bronze casting and marble carving.
The studies and models made of terracotta have been destroyed over the years during the production process and due to their fragile nature.
However during the mid 1750 to 1850's collecting these clay originals and studies became the rage for collectors. These were now looked upon as worthy artworks in themselves.  Artists then started producing terracotta artwork for sale as finished pieces.
So, I say forget about the cheap imitation in bronze, plaster and marble and go take a look at the source and “real McCoy”, the clay original.  

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