Friday, May 22, 2020

Chevalier Fortunino Matania

Capt. Smith Captured by  Indians (1935)


16 April 1881 – 8 February 1963

Chevalier Fortunino Matania was an Italian artist noted for his realistic portrayal of World War I trench warfare and of a wide range of historical subjects.

 picture re-posted from Illustration Magazine

The artist in action

No title. C/U of paintings by the artist Fortunino Matania, they are painted in a classical style with many curvaceous semi-nude women. "A Policeman's lot may not be a happy one, but lots of us must envy the famous Artist with his, apparently, carefree method of life." C/U of the artist - very bohemian in smoking jacket and bow tie. C/U of the artist's model. A woman dressed in skimpy white robe posing with a bow and arrow. Fortunino arranges her robe and hair to his liking. C/U of the woman posing. C/U of Fortunino at his easel. M/S of the model. C/U of artist as he looks towards the model and away again. He smokes a cigarette as he paints. M/S of model. C/U of his sketch of the woman. M/S of the artist smoking and sketching. Camera tilts upwards to show the body of the model.