Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ink Blobs

ballpoint pen drawing

click on pic to see sharper image

When sketching with a ball-point pen, once-in-awhile blobs of ink come out that are not invited and I have to assimilate them into the value structure of the drawing so not to be noticeable. The pen I used for this drawing was a Paper-mate Fine Point. Can you find my blobs?

With ball-points you can’t get the wide variety of thick to thin lines that you can obtain from the quill type of pens, although you do have some control of line quality with the degree of pressure applied to the pen while drawing. The lighter the pressure, the thinner and lighter the line will be. The more pressure the thicker and darker the line. Actually that’s all you get, only two choices, a thinner and slightly thicker line.  


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