Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Frank Brangwyn



In a previous posting we took a look at a preparatory sketch for a mural project by the “Dean” of American illustration, Dean Cornwell (above right).
The other sketch (above left) is for another mural project by the artist Frank Brangwyn.
Cornwell took a three year sojourn to England to apprentice himself to Frank so he could learn to paint murals.
Notice the similarities in the line quality and the utilization of the background paper as the halftone and the use of white chalk for  highlights.
Below you can see a selection of mural projects from both artists. Again, we can see the influence  Brangwyn had on Cornwell.
Maybe Dean Cornwell should be the “assistant” Dean of Illustration :)

 Frank Brangwyn       

Dean Cornwell              

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