Monday, April 29, 2013


The above charcoal drawing, by portrait artist Mark Schartz, is of popular Los Angeles figure model, Amy. Below is an 18” oil based clay sculpture in which I utilized Amy as the model. I say “utilized” because most artists will alter the models appearance.

Like many artists I adhere to an idealized cannon of proportions using the head as a system of measurement. I use the standard of 7.5 heads high, two heads to the breastbone, and four heads to the crotch and so on.   Other alterations include the elongation of the legs, smaller hands and feet and a slightly larger head on the females.Yes it is true, we humans are not as glamorous, symmetrical, and well proportioned as we would like to believe.When God made man he was in a hurry and did not do as good as job as he would have liked, so he created the artist to tidy things up a little bit :)


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