Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Garret's Wax Sculpture

pick on pic

For today’s selection we have one drawing, one painting and one sculpture.

The Drawing:
The drawing is a done with a black prismacolor pencil. This is a good pencil to sketch with; it gives you a nice black and won’t smudge underneath your hand like graphite will and the black will reproduce better than the pencil. (Oh, excuse me, I mean scan, download and print)
However, you can’t erase prismacolor so don’t make any mistakes :)

The Painting: "After Glow"
This is an acrylic painting on foam-core. It is now framed and hung proudly over my toilet.

The Sculpture: "The Three Graces"
 These are modeled from microcrystalline wax over a welded metal armature for support. They are colored with acrylic paint.

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