Saturday, June 8, 2013

Rudolf Friedrich kurz

Ever wish you had a magic window so you could look back in time, to   the days before the camera. Well you can, it is called art!!

Before the invention of the camera, artists were employed to record the contemporary scene and noteworthy events of the time. These drawings and paintings are now considered important historical images for the study of history. So, don’t look in your magic window frame but look in your magic picture frame in your local art museum (or virtual art museum)

Rudolf Friedrich kurz was a Swiss artist who briefly worked for the American Fur Company as a clerk. He is best known for his drawings and journals during this adventure.

However, it is best to look at period artwork with a discerning eye so you can look beyond the idealized and romantic nature of some pictures. A “schooled” artist’s work may have characteristics of a particular style. Kurz Indians and horses drawings have a definite neo-classical flare.

The drawings above I scanned from, “The Journalof Rudolph Friederich Kurz” and I created the small maquette size sculpture from these drawings. I call this sculpture, “The Bull Boat

 Press here to see another sculpture based on a period artist

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