Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saul Tepper

Wary soldiers by Saul Tepper

Saul Tepper

I have come to the conclusion that “black and white” or monotone painting should be in the drawing category. This gives them the requirements for being displayed on this blog.

Like many drawings the above painting is composed of tonal values. Values are the darkness or lightness of a tone.
Before the technology existed to reproduce colored artwork in printed material, all magazines, newspapers and books contained “black and white” reproductions.

These illustrations needed to be visually discernable at a glance as the viewer leafed through the periodicals. The artists needed to have total control of their values.

In “colored” paintings the tonal values are more important than the colors themselves. This is why many painters create a “black and white” study version of their subject before they begin their final paintings.

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