Sunday, August 9, 2020

Annie Murphy-Robinson


 Emily and the Ram, Conjuring64 × 42 in, Sanded charcoal on paper,  2018


"My technique is relatively unknown, I use sandpaper as a medium to embed dry material into heavy paper. Using this technique, I am able to “see” in the dark; I use a myriad of photographic reference for the images of my daughters and I draw from life the images of my old toys and memorabilia. The use of this technique takes the work to a “hyper-real” level and lends itself well to the pervasive feeling of melancholy that exists. My intent is to confront the viewer and ask questions".  arcadiacontemporary

Emily and the Ram, Conjuring

"Conjuring" is an invitation to explore the magic of awakening youth, where the malleable personality is unlimited in its formation.  Attention is drawn to the figure and the concentrated focus and tentative reach towards the horn of the ram while he looks permissively towards the audience. My intent is that the touch of the girl can bring the ram to life. It is within this space that anything is possible.  Her earnest focus is willing the ram to come to life.

Visually, I am emphasizing the tactile contrast between the stained, tattered dress, the fur of the ram and the girl’s soft skin and hair. The tattered soiled gown and the bundled hair give Emily a spectral presence. Despite her disheveled appearance, she possesses a grace of yesteryear, the silent surrender of a lady-in-waiting. There is no indication of a time period, although I am alluding to the past.      

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