Sunday, November 6, 2016

Preston Blair


CARTOON ANIMATION Original Drawings of PIG WOLF-HUNTER for 1994 Walter Foster Art Book

Pencil, india ink and white opaque touch-up paint on two , unevenly trimmed paper sheets mounted to 17" x 11" paper, image size: 10.75" x 8"

Preston Blair

These sequential construction drawings of a "Little Wolf-Hunter Pig" were created by Preston Blair as illustrations for his animation instruction book published by Warren T. Foster in 1994. They were published on pages 42 and 43 in the Character Development chapter of the book and titled "Little Wolf-Hunter Pig" with instructions for drawing the figure. The hand-lettered text with the art does not appear with the published drawings. Cartoon Animation was the final version of Mr. Blair's series of books published in his lifetime. It is the most comprehensive edition and incorporates material from previous editions along with new work.

        IMAGES FOUND ON Luca Chiarotti's flickr site

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