Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Pete Hawley

(5" x 8")  preliminary rough for an illustration for the American Greetings card company. 

Pete Hawley

Originally posted by Illustration Art on Sept 4, 2016


  1. LOVE the original blog regarding this piece! When we started to decide to sell some of Pete's works it was our hope in the family to one day know how much each piece means to the person that holds it. I can't thank everyone enough who takes the time to share pictures and write about Pete. I share each with his daughter Susan Hawley and grandson Ty Hawley (My husband) Thanks for the love!

  2. Hello Mandy,
    Thank you for the nice comment on the blog. I still remember Pete’s illustrations on my valentine cards in grammar school. I also remember the telephone ads with the babies.
    Then I grew up and became an artist and could appreciate his work on a whole new level. He was a tremendous draftsmen, artist and illustrator and shall not be forgotten. Every time I see his work I can’t help but smile and feel warm and fuzzy:)


    1. Thank you for the kind reply as well. Love hearing the stories of what is art meant and who he was as a father and grandfather, as well as an artist. I actually received his cards as a child as well and never knew I would one day carry the Hawley name